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E' stata pubblicata la call  per EURAU 2016, ottava edizione dell' European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design, dal titolo "In Between Scales" che si svolgerà a Bucarest dal 28 al 30 settembre 2016. La scadenza del call for papers è il 31 marzo 2016.

How can one define in-betweenness in terms of built environments? We want to explore the connections and cracks between the scales of public, comunal and personal appropriation of the (un)built matter and space. We want to inspect the intervals between built and unbuilt (virtual?) objects, between territory and settlements, between settlements and communal built environment, betweeen public and private places and spaces, and between private and intimate spaces. We want to investigate the links - and mutual misunderstandings - between culture of architecture and the culture of the vernacular; between the culture of the object based, top-to-bottom design procedures and the process based, bottom-up design strategies of contemporary parametricism. Also, we want to further elaborate on the mostly unseen and unexplored conceptual territories between social awareness and activism with respect to preservation, housing, and migration. And for this we address to Research, Education, Design, Implementation. All are processes, with different aims, at different scales, but all are processes of creation that are using research as a tool. The goal is to get out of the consecrated fields? routine in order to investigate the creativity that bridges those fields, the one that is making possible the passage between the scales, the one that is guiding us towards an inner inter-disciplinarity.

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