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Studies in this domain analyze and critically interpret bibliographical and archive sources to shed light on the history of urban assets, architectures and landscapes, experimenting with innovative methods for the analysis of landscape views and historical maps, for digital cataloguing and for the implementation of iconographic databases. The Department’s research groups working in this field investigate the history of architecture, cities and landscapes between the sixteenth and twentieth century. They focus particularly on the history of theories and techniques of architecture and engineering in Italy and the Italian South between the modern and contemporary ages, the dialectics between internationalisms and nationalisms in European twentieth-century architecture, the architecture of memory in Italy and Europe, architect-travelers, tourist places, the relationship between modernisms and traditionalisms in the architecture of post-unitary Italy and the specificity of the architectural context in southern Italy from the Neoclassical to the Postmodern Age.


Structured staff involved (in alphabetical order) in September 2017:
Gemma Belli
Alfredo Buccaro
Alessandro Castagnaro
Salvatore Di Liello
Leonardo Di Mauro
Andrea Maglio
Fabio Mangone
Giovanni Menna
Sergio Villari

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