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Researchers working in this field study the conservation and innovative fruition of architectural and landscape heritage, in collaboration with the Postgraduate School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage (Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Architettonici e del Paesaggio). They investigate theoretical and technical aspects of the evolution of restoration, the interpretation of approaches to preexisting buildings over the centuries, conservation methods at the urban and landscape scale, strengthening methods for buildings, innovative diagnostic and monitoring technologies. They critically investigate risk factors and map the deterioration of historical surfaces and structures to help choose appropriate actions informed by the most up-to-date restoration approaches. They propose actions based on contemporary strategies for the conservation of historic architecture, aimed at enhancing the understanding and experiencing of architectural, urban and archaeological landscapes, and improving their accessibility and sustainable uses.


Structured staff involved (in alphabetical order) in September 2017:
Raffaele Amore
Aldo Aveta
Gianluigi de Martino
Rosaanna Genovese
Bianca Gioia Marino
Andrea Pane
Renata Picone
Valentina Russo

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