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Scholars working within this area focus on planning as a field of research unto itself, starting from the identification of specific cases to enrich and expand general notions. They focus on the Mediterranean landscape as a primary context for studies on heritage – archaeology and historic, modern and contemporary – aimed at redefining its role according to the new meanings that infrastructure and the concept of centrality have acquired in the contemporary city. The main research guidelines of the researchers of the Department working within this field involve issues of urban regeneration – from abandoned urban areas to smart landscapes –, the relationship between contemporary architecture and the historic city, archaeology as infrastructure, the recycling of modern buildings, self-construction as participatory architecture, and the planning of sustainable buildings.

They investigate methods of landscape planning aimed at harmonizing the historic stratification of the countryside and urban aggregations with the needs of local communities. They also investigate tools for the regeneration and renaturalization of deteriorated countryside and urban spaces.


Structured staff involved (in alphabetical order) in September 2017:
Emma Buondonno
Renato Capozzi
Vito Cappiello
Isotta Cortesi
Angela D’Agostino
Orfina Francesca Fatigato
Ferruccio Izzo
Antonio Mariniello
Pasquale Miano
Giovanni Multari
Lilia Pagano
Valeria Pezza
Adelina Picone
Antonietta Piemontese
Carmine Piscopo
Giancarlo Priori
Francesco Rispoli
Mariarosaria Santangelo
Paola Scala
Gabriele Szaniszlò
Federica Visconti

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