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Research in this field is concerned with theories, methods, processes, techniques and planning solutions for settlement systems, buildings, spaces, and, in general, material and virtual artefacts. The research objects are processual and systemic approaches, experimental design and management of the built environment, with special emphasis on the man-environment interaction, the ecological efficiency of systems and of the inhabited space, and a rational and efficient use of energy and resources.

These investigations focus on the environment, ex-novo design and the refurbishment of existing buildings. They use process, planning and product technological innovations to optimize resource use and the prevention of vulnerability of the built environment. They concentrate, alternately, on design, production, management/maintenance, or disuse phases of buildings, investigating the relationship between technological and environmental design, the human factor, and the sustainability of systems and processes. They also research component design and systems for the built environment, especially from the perspective of design thinking and innovative trends in industrial and artisanal artifact production. Actions common to all research spheres strive for adaptive design and usability, as well as modeling, measuring and monitoring technological and environmental data through appropriate tools, methods, and planning solutions.

Structured staff involved (in alphabetical order) in September 2017:
Paola Ascione
Erminia Attaianese
Mariangela Bellomo
Lorenzo Boccia
Umberto Caturano
Alessandro Claudi de Saint Mihiel
Valeria D’Ambrosio
Paola De Joanna
Katia Fabbricatti
Antonella Falotico
Flavia Fascia
Dora Francese
Mario Rosario Losasso
Alfonso Morone
Antonio Passaro
Maria Rita Pinto
Sergio Pone
Marina Rigillo
Sergio Russo Ermolli
Serena Viola

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