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Researchers, working in this sector, interpret the transformation processes of contemporary city and landscape, particularly from the perspective of integrated assessment in decision-making. Through case studies, they explore the theme of improvement of human resources and of reinforcing of competences connected to local development. They also investigate territorial and urban planning, at every scale, the reduction of urban and environmental risk, the urban regeneration, planning of infrastructures and of public space, resilience, landscape enhancement, land recycling and ecological reorganization of town and country. They process data regarding urban metabolism, densification of land and uses, deregulation and changes in economic and social fabric. They also explore possible new life cycles for abandoned built environment in post-industrial cities, focusing on addressing new urban and ecological issues. They study gender mainstreaming in sustainable urban development, urban management and housing design, smart cities and urban governance.


Structured staff involved (in alphabetical order) in September 2017:
Antonio Acierno
Paride Giustino Caputi
Carmen Cioffi
Loreto Colombo
Giovanni Del Conte
Carlo Gasparrini
Giovanni Laino
Daniela Lepore
Laura Lieto
Isabella Martuscelli
Francesco Domenico Moccia
Maria Federica Palestino
Michelangelo Russo
Alessandro Sgobbo
Guglielmo Trupiano
Alessandro Vignozzi
Salvatore Visone

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